Game of Shells

15 Minute Interview Test For Front-End Engineers

I was recently given this exact test in an interview and am curious to learn how you would approach the same problem — and your thoughts on the test generally.

How It Works

About The Test

If you're planning on giving it a try, of course, treat it as if you're in an interview room and you have a strict 15 minutes to produce something. The job is one that you want and the test lets you show the company the kind of code you write.

How The Game Works

The Game of Shells (also known as “The Shell Game”, “Thimblerig”, and “Three Shells and a Pea”) involves a flat surface, a row of three small containers and a ball small enough to fit underneath each of them.

On each turn of the game the player is shown the ball being placed under one of the containers before the order of the containers is repeatedly shuffled at random.

The player then has to guess correctly which container the ball is under in order to win, otherwise they lose.

* Posting Anonymously

My gut tells me that posting anonymously leaves nothing to gain or lose by putting forward an honest submission.

Having your name attributed may preoccupy you with what other people might think, spending longer than the 15 minute limit to produce something worthy of public attention, or not posting something at all because you're not proud of it for example.