Jamie Mason

About me

I'm Jamie Mason, I live in Leeds in the United Kingdom and I'm a front-end Developer specialising in JavaScript. I help companies of all shapes and sizes with their front-end architecture, performance, automated testing, tooling, workflow and process, and more.

Previously a Senior Designer/Engineer at BSkyB—one of the UK’s largest media organisations—I have designed and built many large, complex, high traffic Websites such as Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, and Sky Poker.

I am the developer of popular image optimisation tool ImageOptim-CLI and karma-benchmark: a tool to run jsperf.com style JavaScript benchmarks over multiple browsers and devices simultaneously.

I also;

  • Am a Technical Reviewer for Smashing Magazine.
  • Rebuilt the documentation site for the PhantomJS headless browser.
  • Contributed many bug fixes, unit tests and additions to the AngularJS framework.
  • Developed jasmine-matchers, a set of useful additions for the Jasmine test library.
  • Planned and implemented the JavaScript architecture, automated testing, continuous integration and tooling for the latest phased redesign of Sky Sports.
  • Researched then lead the Development of a single AngularJS platform to replace BSKYB's native real-time sports applications with a single HTML5 application framework.
  • Developed an HTML5 application for a real-time content moderation and management platform for online communities, massively multiplayer online games, virtual worlds and traditional social media.


Twitter: @fold_left
I use Twitter often and can be easily contacted there for quick questions.
Email: siunmaru@gmail.com
Please Email me if you have any queries.
Skype: Siunmaru
If there is anything you'd like to discuss in detail, I can arrange to be available on Skype. However, please be sure to include a short message about yourself if adding me as a contact.


LinkedIn: Jamie Mason: JavaScript Developer in Leeds
My full career history can be found at LinkedIn, my CV/Résumé‎ is available on request.
GitHub: JamieMason on GitHub
My open source projects and activity can be found at GitHub.